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Project Managers are always on the lookout for great tools and resources to advance their knowledge or make a specific problem easier… here is the list of my top resources that make my life as a PM so much easier.

I’ve used every one of these tools and read every one of these books – some of these I use nearly every day. Everything listed here is ‘top shelf’ and are definitely worth checking out. I might change this list from time to time, but right now, these are my goto resources.

Kanban Flow

Kanban Flow

Kanban Flow is one of the best free project management apps on the Internet. Period. There is a paid version that gives you a little extra functionality (most of which would only come in handy on a large project), but 90% of the time, the free version will more than meet your needs… I even use it for managing my personal projects.

Kanban Flow – Lean Project Management

 Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is a top class Project Management solution that will help you manage every aspect of your project.

Check out Liquid Planner here

The Year Without Pants | Scott Berkun

The Year Without Pants - Scott Berkun

One of my all-time favourite Project Management related books. Scott Berkun has led major project teams for Microsoft before he jumped into the world of managing an external development team at WordPress. The Year Without Pants is his personal view of his time at WordPress and he relays many project management tips for dealing with external teams.

Buy The Year Without Pants here



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  1. Ritik says:

    I think in this case it would be worth it because this is soenthimg new and relatively hot and these sort of jobs are starting to be in demand. There are not many people who have gone through a college degree program with a social media major. I’m a member of WOMMA and have gone to their Summit conferences. I didn’t get a certificate for that but it was well worth the price to me and my organization. FOr the student price of this certificate, I don’t see how you could go wrong.

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