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**Note: I’m currently in the process of setting up this directory it is due to launch by the end of May 2015. I’ve put up some page stubs with limited info to help show the structure of the directory, however there won’t be substantial info here until the end of May 2015**

One of my aims for is to provide you with information and options for finding project management courses in your area.

Having completed certifications in both an online environment (self-study), and as part of a structured 5-day training course – I can tell you hands down, the structured training courses are definitely the way to go if you have that option. Not only do they give you the best chance at passing the exam (each training provider has a lot of experience in training people for the exams and know the pitfalls and the sections you need to focus on), but they are also a great way to network with other project managers and usually a nice change of pace from everything else you’re doing.

Click through to one of the following countries for more information on Project Management Courses in that area.

AustraliaCanadaIndia | New ZealandSingapore AfricaSri LankaUAE (Dubai)UK USA

Obviously, if you’re paying for the training course yourself, the extra cost is a huge factor to consider – if you can get your employer to pay for it though, it becomes a much easier decision. I’m trying to partner with certification training companies in each area to secure some great deals for visitors to this website, so click through to your local area and you’ll get a few details to check out. If there are no offers there yet (quite possible at this stage as has only just launched), please enter your email address in my newsletter and I’ll keep you updated on special offers as they come through (I will never give your email address to 3rd parties, not even if they tempt me with a million dollars… ok, maybe that would kind of work, but like that’s ever going to happen!)

…if you are a PM Certification Training Orgainsation in an area where I don’t currently have any offers listed and you can give my readers an awesome deal for your services – get in touch, let’s talk!

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  1. Jasvir says:

    ALDORNovember 13, 2012WOW!!!! Congratulations Neil. Very glad to learn that you passed the exam.I was going to autlacly ask you about it. Well, I am also preparing and will be writing it before December 21st. Before the Holidays.I will be sending you an email soonCongratulations again,Aldor

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