Prince2 Certification

What is PRINCE2 Exactly?

Prince2 (which incidentally stands for PRojects IN a Controlled Environment) is a project management methodology developed and used by UK Government. Its origins stem from the method PROMPT, originally developed by Simpact Systems in 1975, and superseded by PRINCE in 1989. PRINCE2 was published In 1996.

It is a widely used PM Methodology internationally and can be found in both private and government sectors.

One of the main criticisms of PRINCE2 (which some people also view as a strength) is that it can be ‘document heavy’ – leading many organisations to introduce a ‘PRINCE2 Light’ definition for smaller projects to help alleviate some of the documentation requirements. PRINCE2 actually lends itself quite successfully to this as it is really a framework for the organisation (and the project manager) to maintain a consistent approach that focuses on visibility, accountability and  assurance.

What PRINCE2 Certifications are Available?

There are two main PRINCE2 certifications available:

PRINCE2 Foundation

The PRINCE2 Foundation certificate is an entry level qualification that covers the basic methodology and terminology of PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Practioner

The PRINCE2 Practicioner certificate is targeted towards those managing projects in a PRINCE2 environment

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