Setting Professional Goals – Project Manage your Career

Every IT Project Manager knows the importance of good requirements definition… in fact, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what project you’re working on; understanding requirements is key to creating a successful outcome.

Well guess what? Understanding requirements is a crucial step for any aspect of your career, relationships, finance, health… every aspect of your life can benefit from good requirements gathering.

So what requirements can you define for your career? Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time / 10 years’ time / 20 years’ time? What do those pictures look like? What ‘requirements’ are needed to define what makes up those milestones?

Once you’ve got that sorted, how do you validate them? Too many people jump straight in and start building something without first looking to validate and test what they plan to do. Don’t you think you should talk to your partner (if you have one) and see if they have any input? What about a colleague (or mentor)… what are their thoughts – are you aiming too low / too high? What about your boss – if certifications can help you get to those milestones, will your training costs be covered?

Think about your requirements. Validate them with your family and peers. Then you can think about how to go about meeting them and build towards those career milestones.

I want to approach this blog from a similar perspective… it’s still only new. I have a vision of what I want things to look like in 6 months, 1 year and 3 years from now. I’m going to be sharing that vision over the next few weeks and months – I want to validate and test those requirements with you. There is no point building a blog if it doesn’t provide the information people are looking for, so I want you to tell me what it is you want to see.

Post some feedback in the comments on this page, use the contact form linked in the menu above, or contact me on Twitter @MartyJ – let me know what it is you want to see on PM Certifications.

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